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YOKO Wool Products Ltd - 6 Crag Crescent | Clondalkin Dublin | phone number: +353 870 930 663

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If you are looking for really high-end woollen products in wholesale, it is certainly worth visiting the website of Yoko Wool. They offer amazingly comfortable and soft clothing that your customers will certainly love a lot. Their company was founded in 2010 in Dublin and constantly develops in order to provide you with the best woollen clothing possible. Anyone who would like to see their products in person can come to one of many exhibitions they visit, such as Dublin Showcase or UK Spring Fair.

Sheep by the Sea slippers

Yoko Wool stocks numerous products, such as Sheep by the Sea slippers. They are highly appreciated for the unspeakable level of comfort that they provide. What is more, as they are produced from natural materials, they are perfectly safe for health. It is also worth knowing that these products are suitable for people with allergies as well. Sheep by the Sea slippers are irreplaceable in winter, when you need to warm your feet up in order to feel well and not get sick. They come in various colours, so that you could find the one you like.

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