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Best Promotional is a company residing in the United Kingdom, that manufactures customised 3D glasses. Their products use various technologies and solutions, i.e. anaglyphs, polarization, stereoscopic images and even the Virtual Reality inspired by Google Cardboard. These glasses can be designed according to the customer's wishes and needs, including the possibility to modify the paper or plastic around the lenses, as well as picking the suitable technology. Ordering these products is extremely simple and consists of getting in touch with the company and agreeing to the drafted contract.

Linear and circular polarized 3D glasses

Choosing polarized 3D glasses is a good idea for companies specialising in graphic design and marketing. The technology has been discovered in the 19th century and used since then to create the illusion of a three dimensional image. With their help, the advertising team can prepare special pictures or videos, which can be decoded only by using polarized 3D glasses. Best Promotional prepared two different products - linear and circular ones, so the customers will be able to choose the one which suits them better.

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