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ELCONNECTION LTD - 149 Trafalgar St, Ashton-under-Lyne | OL7 0HN Manchester | phone number: +44 7477214166

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ELCONNECTION is the company you need to get in touch with if you want to introduce new electrical installations into your house or fix problematic devices. With their help you can equip your house with quality CCTV cameras to keep your property watched at all times, as well as dependable burglar and fire alarms that are going to keep your from danger. The electrical repairs ELCONNECTION performs, include e.g. fixing broken sockets or replacing parts of chosen systems. Each service is available at a very attractive price, so do not hesitate and contact them today!


The employees of the company will perform many electrical repairs in Manchester with great care to make sure that the device or the system work properly long after they leave the premises. The breakdown could be as small as inactive socket and as overwhelming as faulty installation in the entire house. Depending on the type of an electrical repair they deal with, they may take just a couple of minutes or long hours to bring back its functionality. However, no matter what, you can count on their precision and knowledge during the work that they do.

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