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Printmasta - Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 19/18 | 02-561 Warszawa | phone number: +48 48602102158

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Printmasta can provide you with high-standard CD packaging, copying, printing and more. They are based in Poland, but they offer fast shipping to other countries in Europe as well. So far, they have had many British, German, Finnish, Belgian clients and not only. You can easily replicate or duplicate a disc there, what includes not only CDs, but Blu-rays and DVDs as well. It is also possible to enrich them with any artwork, what may have a promotional function, for example. You can place an order conveniently by sending an e-mail to Printmasta.

Printing images

CD packaging plays a great marketing role, because if it attracts a consumer, it can encourage them to buy the disc. For this reason, Printmasta uses modern and highly efficient techniques of printing images on their products. If the artwork has no more than 10 MB, it can be sent to the company by e-mail. In case it was bigger, it is requested to upload it to Dropbox or WeTransfer and send a link. Note that it is perfect when there is no colour profile added, but if there has to be one, you should select FOGRA39.

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