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Best promotional - 13 Tansey Grove | M7 4TA Salford Lancashire | phone number: +44 0161 792 4044

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Art of Colour Ltd is a dependable manufacturer of customised domed stickers. Each project of theirs is carefully produced with the help of reliable printers, to ensure the highest quality of the image and then topped with epoxy resin. Customers appreciate these products for their durability and the surprisingly small price needed for their manufacturing. People who want to know exactly how much ordering a batch would cost, have to send the company their enquiry and wait for the completely free of charge quote.

Durable domed stickers

Domed stickers can be placed onto cars, outdoor equipment, furniture and many other places. Thanks to the layer of epoxy resin they are waterproof and will not easily get damaged, therefore they can adorn items outside. Art of Colour Ltd offers thorough services of domed stickers production, which include preparing a quote, printing the images, covering them with epoxy resin and sending them to the customer. Moreover, companies which have not figured out the artwork yet, can count on this team to prepare an attractive design.

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