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Modular buildings, offered by KC Solution, are amazingly useful to start a new business. For example, they can be turned into coffee kiosks, where people who are in a hurry can quickly buy a hot soft drink. You can enhance them with a signboard containing your logo and make the exterior as colourful as you like, so that it would catch customer's attention easily. What is more, KC Solution buildings can be also formed as bus portable food kiosk, portable offices, garages and many more. See full offer - https://kcsolution.co.uk/kiosks

Portable cabin

Solution A portable cabin, manufactured by KC Solution, can be used for various commercial purposes. For example, it can serve as a coffee kiosk, restaurant, pub or bar. As there is a possibility to apply any kitchen and sanitary appliances, your workers can easily cook there and your clients can enjoy their meals inside or outside. Another idea how to take advantage of such a portable cabin is to turn it into a warehouse or an office. What is more, they are successfully used as garages.

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