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SM Solutions - Woodbine Business Park | New Ross | phone number: +353 0862254343

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SM Solutions, a reliable supplier of windows and doors, but also retractable grilles and roller shutters from Wexford. The company delivers their products to customers from all over Ireland, to make sure they are equipped with the best elements available. Their offer includes PVC, composite, sliding and garage doors, as well as various aluminium constructions, custom-made insulated roller shutters and technologically advanced garage doors, operated via a remote control. All their products can be viewed on the company's page or in their showroom.

Windows and doors

Among their vast and alluring assortment of products, the most popular among customers are windows and doors. Wexford County is a region where they come from and their showroom is situated, but they provide their services to people in whole Ireland. To make sure the products fit the building well, the customer has to give the company the thorough measurements. Only after getting them, the employees will be able to prepare the order and then, depending on the range of services, install them in the indicated building.

Complete offer: Windows and doors - Wexford

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