Well Brewed Coffee, Sumptuous Delicacies and Tantalizing Drinks Await You at Friar Cafe Bar!
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There is nothing like a steaming hot cup of coffee to refresh your soul! Come and Enjoy your Coffee with us!

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Services par Excellence

Being the most wonderful gourmet retreat for foodies,our dynamic team of Hospitality Experts at Friar Café Bar believes in exceeding the expectations of our guests at all times. We don’t simply sell food and beverages; rather, we create a holistic culinary journey with refreshing beverages and awe-inspiring ambience for all our valued guests. To add to the delight, the colorful fountain and live jazz performance make your experience all the more pleasurable. Being well aware of the fact that the Food and Beverage Industry is largely governed by service culture more than anything else, we always ensure that all our services are par excellence at all times. Right from the time you are welcomed into our café, till the time you are greeted, seated, presented the menu, served your choice of food and beverage, and finally till the time you have leisurely enjoyed the sumptuous delicacies and innovative beverages, we make sure that you carry home every minute experience, making it extremely memorable for a lifetime. We are in fact able to achieve this massive feat by simply paying attention to every detail, and exuding heartfelt warmth with an aptitude to serve all our guests as best as we can.


Tempting Menu Combos

For those of you who are not very big fans of a-la-carte menus, we have certain ready-made combo offers ready for you, which means that you just have to take a quick pick, and all your choicest snacks and drinks will be served to you at extremely wonderful prices! The best part about these combo offers is also that we keep revising them from time to time, in our efforts towards making them more and more attractive, appealing and value for money. In order to remain updated with regard to our latest combo offers on food and beverages, both alcoholic as well as non alcoholic, please subscribe to our weekly newsletter right away!


Lift Your Spirits High

Our exclusive bar counter at Friar Café Bar is packed with an array of drinks that you can choose from, ranging from ale, lager and wine, to vodka and gin. We have also innovated and come up with a variety of special cocktails especially for you. So apart from the conventional Blue Lagoon, Bloody Mary and Coladas, we have a list of Friar Special Cocktails on our Menu that you can choose from. Our happy hours start from 6pm in the evening and go on till 9pm, wherein we offer one on one drink absolutely free! So hurry up and call our hostess to make our happy hour reservation today!


For Your Sweet Tooth

 Our never-ending list of mini muffins, stuffed muffins, macaroons, scones, cakes, brownies and cream buns are especially prepared for your sweet tooth. If you are a fan of sweet treats, we have a storehouse of out-of-the world sweet treats available for you! For all our registered café members, we take pride in dishing out complimentary personalized birthday cakes, absolutely free! Wait no longer, register today!

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We are so proud of the wonderful feedback that we have received from all our fans. Read some of the comments here!

Aimee Hudson

Friar Café Bar is my favorite hangout place, because not only does it have the perfect ambience, but it also has such a tempting menu with an excellent assortment of beverages, short eats, breads and muffins!

Sofia Porter
Oranges Records & Tapes

The espresso coffee at Friar Café Bar is complete value for money, and I often spend the whole day there with my laptop, and have an endless chain of coffees. Their service is also very prompt, efficient and top-notch.

Noah Thorpe

I have been visiting Friar Café Bar with my colleagues for the last couple of months, and I have no hesitation in saying that it is the best café I have ever visited so far. All my colleagues equally love the place, and are always eager to visit again.
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Well Brewed Coffee, Sumptuous Delicacies and Tantalizing Drinks Await You at Friar Cafe Bar!
Well Brewed Coffee, Sumptuous Delicacies and Tantalizing Drinks Await You at Friar Cafe Bar!
Well Brewed Coffee, Sumptuous Delicacies and Tantalizing Drinks Await You at Friar Cafe Bar!